Millions of African Children Need Your Help

Africa Needs Clean Water

Africa's water is not exactly clean

Africa's water is not exactly clean

If you think about how good you have it for just one second, you should soon realize that all we have to do to get clean water is turn a knob. African people have to build wells and carry five pound buckets of water on their head back to their people. Lots of African people have died throughout the years, many of the deaths were caused by dirty and unsafe water.

If people stopped spending as much money as they do on everything else, we would probably have enough money to solve the world water problem. Believe it or not the most deaths by humans are from unsafe water consumption. About 115 people die in Africa every hour due to diseases related to bad sanitation.

If you would like to tell friends or donate money, anything at all to help save all of these sad people, please donate money for the lives of millions of people.  You can donate through our fundraiser page at https://thewaterproject.org/community/profile/ancw.


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James Feldkamp


After an assembly at my school about African water I decided I wanted to raise enough money to build wells for the people who are there. I am working with The Water Project to raise money to build wells in African communities to provide them with clean safe water.

Owen Smith

Vice President

This was originally Owen's idea and he wanted to do all of this crazy stuff and I told him I could make a website and he loved the idea. Owen is someone who should get a lot of credit and truly cares.

Tristan Wright


When we first made our little organization everybody wanted to join so we now have about 6 or 7 people but Tristan was probably the first to join. Tristan has came up with lots of ideas to raise money and is very important.